About Óscar

Óscar is born in Segovia (SPAIN) in 1976, self-taught draughtman and painter since many years. His interests are very wide, he conceives drawing and painting as a tool for discovering and finding oneself. He appreciates above everything a creative process where improvisation is a key value, the paintings should follow their own route and he demands from them surprise and mistery. His style is figurative, he works on achieving a technique agile enough so that he can easily compose using different resources: painting gesture, drawing line, abstraction, geometry, signs or even realism, to get a kind of puzzle or collage where everything fit and each part talks to each other.


2019 The Marseille Tarot. Woodcut Exhibition. Santana, Segovia

2016 Daughters of the night (Hijas de la noche). Sala Previa, Madrid

2015 Metamorfosis. Santana Bar, Segovia

2014 I Sample of defective sculptures (I Muestra de esculturas defectuosas). La Bodega del Barbero, Segovia


2023 Galería Sala Aires. Exposición Arte hasta Hartarte, Córdoba

2023 Backyardarte Gallery. Exposición Descubriendo, Simancas, Valladolid

2023 LA ZONA Gallery. Expo FEBRERO, Madrid

2022 Galería Gaudí. Pinceladas de Viento Esuropeo, Madrid

2022 Galería Gaudí. LUXEMBOURG INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, LuxExpo The Box, Luxembourg

2021 ARTIST EXPERIENCE. Diciembre Mágico. Fundación Carlos de Amberes. Madrid

2019 About other realities. Sala Previa, Madrid

2017 Still life. Asociación cultural Villa Kunterbunt. Palazuelos de Eresma, Segovia

Contact details:

email: oscar_leonor@hotmail.com

Instagram: @oscarleonor